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Mashrabiya's products are divided into three categories:

A - Clothing

  • (a) Jackets- lined, beautifully hand embroidered in multicolors on black linen material.
  • (b) Vests - hand embroidered in red on off-white, or multicolor on black linen; 2 styles: one with pointed panels in front, the other with straight panels.

B - Home Decorator Items

  • Runners
  • place mats with napkins
  • pillows in different sizes
  • mirrors
  • All have taffeta- like backing, pillows have zippered openings
  • Place mats and napkins come in red blue or green on off-white material.
  • Pillows are in black with multicolored embroidery or white with red and black
  • Runners are black with multicolored embroidery, or white with red and black
  • Mirrors come in 2 styles: one rectangular, the other pointed, all have black linen frames with multicolored embroidery.

C - Accessories

  • Eyeglass cases
  • Evening purses
  • Small cosmetic purses
  • Eyeglass cases in black material with multicolored embroidery
  • Evening purses and cosmetic purses are off-white with red and black embroidery, or black with multicolored embroidery.

Remarks: On request, we can provide lovely long black dresses with multicolored embroidery on the bodice and on the sides and back for about $600. We can also provide triangular black linen shawls with multicolored embroidery along the edges. framed in multicolored embroidery for about $250.